Friday, June 18, 2010

New XBOX 360 Slim Opened, Tested!

AnandTech has taken a brand spanking new XBOX 360 Slim and torn it apart to give you the real world facts about it. They found out some differences between the old and the new XBOX:
• It's "noticeably quieter," spinning discs at 51 dB(A) rather than 54 dB(A) of last gen
• Idling, it's 6dB(A) lower than that—indeed, about the volume of a whisper just as Microsoft claimed
• Power consumption dropped more than 50% from the original Xbox (idling, and about that much during game play)
• Compared to the most recent model, power consumption dropped roughly 20%
• Vampire power is down to 1/4 that of all other 360s, .6W
• You'll still need a T8 torx to disassemble one
Visit Anandtech to find out lot more information and even how to tear apart one, if you dare!