Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl with Google, Tackle It With Google's Own Playbook

As many of us stocking refreshments and deciding with whom to watch the super bowl with, this year Google is planing to bring together, TV, Mobile devices, and far flung friends together, with Playbook they have written for the game.
Starting with Game Day with Google playbook, a new page on Inside Search will tell you how to use the Google effectively to tackle the game.
Google+ has pages for both Giants and Patriots and instructions on how you could land on the Giants pre-game hangout today with face to face chat with players.
After the game, on Monday, Feb 6 will host a post game hangout.
Go play it by the book and enjoy the game on Sunday. We will! If it was SF 49ers, the game would be a thousand times better :)
Oh Madonna will make you move during the halftime show.
Official Google Blog: Playbook for tackling the Super Bowl with Google


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