Friday, May 23, 2008

ELSPA And BBFC Goes At Each Other Over ‘BBFC Byron Implementation'

ELSPA, The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association has instructed its members to ignore any request from the BBFC, British Board of Film Classification to change the current age ratings process MCV reports.

The UK industry representative has requested that leading publishers hold fire on implementing any changes to classification of their games until the Government has officially executed proposals influenced by the Byron Review.

The industry is now in an 18-month period of consultation with Government following Dr Tanya Byron’s recommendations – which included BBFC ratings on all video games boxes and a statutory ‘12’ classification. Safer Children in a Digital World: Full Report (PDF, 2756kb)
ELSPA told MCV: “You may have heard that the BBFC has appointed a ‘BBFC Byron Implementation Officer’. Apparently his brief is to contact PEGI and interested trade bodies as well as the country’s games companies ‘with a view to implementing the Byron recommendations’.”