Saturday, April 5, 2008

Under The Skin Of Hayden Tenno, Playing DarkSectOr!

I am now a member of a black-ops arm of the CIA, name Hayden Tenno, and performing my job with ruthless efficiency… doing whatever it takes to get the job done in the name of patriotism (and Dieing many times over!). I am in Lasria and wondering what this life all about and my place in the world. Once here I am now, infected with the Technocyte virus and in possession of new superhuman powers, and I am struggling to keep the infection from taking over my body as I evolve into a something new, something that makes you fee great… a hero.
But if you have not loaded the game into you XBOX 360, you can continue to read about the boss fights at the darksector blog,
".... I take cover in the warehouse and dodge the bullets from the troopers firing through the windows all around me. I pick them off one by one with my superior gunplay and their frequent shouts to surrender are silenced by dispatching my Glaive to slice off their heads. The blood starts to flow; each trooper’s termination achieved with a volley of bullets or the slicing of limbs. The fight is almost over when the ground convulses, shaking terror into all of us. The few remaining troopers scream as a giant ape-like creature crashes to the ground and joins the fight....."Boss Battles
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