Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GTA IV, Email to CEO's Mother and EA Merger Talk, All Rolled In To One!

I had the pleasure of reading C|NET article on GTA IV state of the affair. Critics slamming it even without seeing the game.
"But after sifting through all these press releases, e-mails, statements, and demands that the world's retailers and parents run screaming from GTA IV, it's striking that none of the people behind these missives has seen the game, and thus couldn't possibly know its full contents."

I do not like what the game does either but I am not going to slam it. Just like I did not like the Iraq war but I did not run on the streets slamming President Bush either. I have my own way of looking at things. I would rather be playing Grand Turismo V! or Nascar '09, I am a racing or any other serious simulation game type guy!
The game is a huge financial success and all those critics either trying ride the popularity contest and make money and I like the Softpedia's take on "attorney does it again, worse than ever, twice as ugly" version by Calin Ciabai.
Then there is EA's takeover bid
One major component to the GTA saga is the game's role in the ongoing merger discussions between would-be buyer Electronic Arts and Take-Two.
All in all GTA IV should do well for the company!
The CNET article.
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