Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gamespot Changes Some Spots and Adds New.

Gamespot has updated it's site is inviting you to forward to your feedback!

Gift Giving:

Purchase and redeem gift cards and online gift certificates.

Check Gift Card or Edge Card balances online.

Wish list with registry functionality.

Send a gift message with any order.


Redeem Edge Card credits online.
(You can score Edge Card credits by trading in used games to our brick and mortar stores.)

Enhanced store product availability feature.
(Enter your Zip code once and see the three closest stores with in-stock product on every product page.)

Enhanced navigation to show products that may be available in store, but are not available online.

Receive Edge Card member discounts online.
(Save 10% off used products and strategy guides!)

Pre-order select products online and pick them up in-store.
(This feature will be available in several days.)


Self-service order cancellation.
(This is useful when a collector's edition becomes available the day after you place a pre-order for a regular edition.)

Self-service credit card expiration updates.
(Very handy when pre-ordering Blizzard products several years before they "Get it just right.")

Self-service shipping service level changes.

Social Features:

Discussion forum for every product.

Higher standards for customer reviews. 750 character minimum, with focus on features and benefits of product.

Featured Reviews.

"Was this customer review helpful?" option.

Unique ratings categories within customer reviews.
(For example, now you can rate shooters by responsiveness, graphics and weapons selection.)

Aggregated customer reviews, by user.
(Useful if you want to compare how a user reviewed other games in similar genres.)

Ability to enter expanded profile information such as favorite systems and genre categories.

"Display" names secured by profile registration.

There are more, like features added to E-Commerce.
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