Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amino unveils world’s first integration of the G-cluster streaming games service in HD

Cambridge, UK, 20 March, 2008 - Amino, the world leading IPTV platform supplier, launched an integration of the AmiNET130 Set-Top Box (STB) with the first G-cluster HD games on demand application at this year’s IPTV World Forum. Allowing users to play streaming HD games via a wireless USB gamepad, the offering will enable telco providers to offer interactive gaming with popular titles from the traditional games console market.

Visitors to the Amino stand used the device to play on HD interactive games such as Resident Evil 4® and Sensible Soccer™. The product will allow telco providers to drive revenue by building on the STB as the technology point of convergence in the home.

Amino had a strong presence at the IPTV World Forum, participating in panel discussions on strategies for growth in the IPTV market, Internet TV, and delivering the digital lifestyle through the connected home. Roy Kirsopp, VP and General Manager at Amino, kicked off the event with a debate on how IPTV providers can attract subscribers from cable and satellite solutions, and the impact that the digital switchover will have on the market:

“The whole idea of IPTV is that the several broadcast STBs we currently have in our homes are replaced by intelligent IP-centric devices,” said Kirsopp. “The IPTV market is starting to live up to the potential it holds. With constant development of the technology, IPTV is able to offer far more than cable and satellite and allow the consumer an innovative but easy-to-use service.”

Meanwhile, Mike Greenall, senior representative at Amino, was involved in a future-gazing panel about Internet TV:

“Amino has been a champion for Internet TV concepts for the last 2 years. What will accelerate its growth is the successful formation of partnerships between technology, content and service providers. The expectation of consumer demand will be truly met once the right content is delivered at the right price.” Finally, Huw Price-Stephens, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development at Amino, took part in as session on delivering the digital lifestyle, examining the synergy between consumers and providers: “The concept of ‘Digital Lifestyle’ puts IPTV in its proper perspective, as just one aspect of the digital revolution. There’s an explosion of IP functionality and connectivity going on in our homes and everyday lives, but the TV, arguably the most valuable piece of real estate in the home, is not in itself equipped to participate. Amino’s IP-centric STB technology allows the TV screen to fully join the IP party.”


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