Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl with Google, Tackle It With Google's Own Playbook

As many of us stocking refreshments and deciding with whom to watch the super bowl with, this year Google is planing to bring together, TV, Mobile devices, and far flung friends together, with Playbook they have written for the game.
Starting with Game Day with Google playbook, a new page on Inside Search will tell you how to use the Google effectively to tackle the game.
Google+ has pages for both Giants and Patriots and instructions on how you could land on the Giants pre-game hangout today with face to face chat with players.
After the game, on Monday, Feb 6 will host a post game hangout.
Go play it by the book and enjoy the game on Sunday. We will! If it was SF 49ers, the game would be a thousand times better :)
Oh Madonna will make you move during the halftime show.
Official Google Blog: Playbook for tackling the Super Bowl with Google

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Games Google Play : Google Getting On the Game?

Picture courtesy of Engadget
Looks like Google is gearing up to fill a gap in the Google arena, Games. Engadget found about the move through a Job Opening for a product manager, Games, posted on Google.
Job opening itself does not reveal much but goes as far as to say it is a "Brand New Business" and say the team the applicant joining will be responsible for
"guiding products throughout the execution cycle, focusing specifically on analyzing, positioning, packaging, promoting and tailoring our solutions to all the markets where Google does business."
Come on Google, we want to play!
Google via Engadget

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Microsoft Replaces XBox's That Fail To Read XDG3 Disks.

Even with wide beta testing, Microsoft seem to have missed some units as some users are finding the new XDG3 disk could not be read in their system. One such user, Avery Penn found out and reported to Microsoft. Microsoft responded checked his system via XBox Live (?) and agreed on replacement. This is what he posted  on Redit;

Checking my e-mail earlier today, I found a rather interesting message from Xbox Customer Support, saying that a software update is stopping some Xbox 360s from reading game discs.
Saying they were able to detect this issue over Xbox Live, Microsoft went on to say that, after jumping through all the necessary hoops, they'd send me a brand new Xbox 360 S and a year's free Xbox Live. At this point, my jaw hit the floor.
 Then he went and checked with XBox support if the email was real!

Microsoft Europe is now pointing affected users to the support page to get sorted out. One way or another, affected owners can expect to be mollified by getting their Xbox 360s replaced with new 250GB Xbox 360S

Reddit Via Engadget

Friday, February 18, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds In Stores Now

SAN MATEO, Calif. — February 15, 2011 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, and the legendary Marvel Entertainment, LLC, are proud to announce that Marvel® vs. Capcom ®3: Fate of Two Worlds hits store shelves today in North America for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Players will take control of their favorite characters from the Marvel and Capcom worlds in an out-of-this-world fighting game experience unlike anything seen before it. The battle begins when legendary villains of two universes conspire to wreak havoc across space and time, unleashing a terrible evil that threatens the existence of an entire civilization. In a desperate fight to survive, the Marvel and Capcom universes collide in a battle royale that will determine the fate of two worlds.

The greatest fighters from both worlds clash in teams of three, as players create their dream-teams from the Marvel and Capcom rosters. The battle is brought to life in an innovative comic book art style, powered by Capcom’s MT Framework®, an advanced version of the graphics engine used for Resident Evil® 5. When the fight goes vertical, fighters launch into the air, exchanging aerial combo attacks in a furious burst of color and light. If the pressure is on, players can call on team members for an “assist” attack that will throw off their opponents, or they can tag out their character for a fresh new warrior. The option for streamlined controls makes the fighter a pleasure to play for all skill levels. For those who seek a challenge, players can take their game online and face-off against opponents around the world.

Popular returning characters include Spider-Man, Ryu, Wolverine, Morrigan, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Felicia, Chun-Li, Tron Bonne, Magneto, Storm, Akuma and Doctor Doom. Crimson Viper, Viewtiful Joe and Zero will make their debut in the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise. New characters joining the playable cast for the first time in fighting game history include Taskmaster, Haggar, She-Hulk, Chris Redfield, Thor, Trish, Super-Skrull, Amaterasu, Dormammu, Wesker, X-23, Arthur, Deadpool, Nathan Spencer, M.O.D.O.K. and Dante!

More information about Capcom can be found on the company web site,
 For more information about Marvel visit

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PS3 Epic Fail

27C3 - Console Hacking 2010 from Yifan Lu on Vimeo.
If you are further interested, follow fail0overflow on twitter  via PSX-scene

Monday, November 29, 2010

Microsoft Sells 2.5 Million Kinect Units In 25 Days

If you too were surprised how well those kinect units connected to                                                                                                            worked, I think there were many more who got into the act, 2.5 million of them in last twenty five day, since XBox Kinect was released.
 Looks like the momentum of the motion detection system is not ceding and Microsoft says it will sell through 5 Million unit during this holiday season.

Microsoft Press Release;

REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 29, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that strong demand over the Black Friday weekend has propelled retail sales of Kinect for Xbox 360 to more than 2.5 million units worldwide since it launched just 25 days ago.
“We are thrilled about the consumer response to Kinect, and are working hard with our retail and manufacturing partners to expedite production and shipments of Kinect to restock shelves as fast as possible to keep up with demand,” said Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “With sales already exceeding two and a half million units in just 25 days, we are on pace to reach our forecast of 5 million units sold to consumers this holiday.”
“Kinect on Xbox 360 was a top performer at Target this weekend,” said Nik Nayar, vice president, merchandising, Target. “We expect Kinect will be a must-have gift this holiday season, so Target will continue to receive consistent shipments of Kinect throughout December. The hands-free, active gaming experience that Kinect offers is something that everyone in the family can enjoy.”
Kinect is now available at more than 60,000 retailers in 38 countries. It is the only controller-free games and entertainment system available that lets you control games, movies, music and television with gestures and your voice. Retailers, reviewers and analysts are calling it a must-have gift this holiday season.
More information on Xbox 360 and Kinect for Xbox 360 is available at or

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) Giveaway Available on Friday November 12, 2010. From O-Games, Inc.

Twain Harte, California - O-Games, Inc. a publisher of family, social and sports video games and part of OG International LTD., announced today a new contest for players of Superstars V8 Racing, available now exclusively on PlayStation Network in North America for $19.99. The Superstars V8 Racing contest will result in O-Games giving away 10 copies of Polyphony Digital's highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 whenever it ships.

"Critics say that Superstars V8 Racing is a worthy investment and does more than just fill the void for all the racing fans waiting for the launch of Grand Turismo 5," said Greg Lanz, General Manager of O-Games, Inc. "Beginning next week and for the next ten weeks, we'll be challenging players of Superstars V8 Racing on PlayStation Network to various leaderboard competitions, and award winners a brand new copy of Gran Turismo 5. Superstars V8 Racing is the perfect game for racing fans to sharpen their skills as they wait for Gran Turismo 5, and what better way than to reward fans with a brand new copy of the game. Exactly when we can ship GT5 is anybody's guess, but rest assured, we will send out prizes whenever it hits retail shelves."

Weekly competitions will begin Friday, November 12, 2010, and all rules and regulations will be detailed on the Superstars V8 Racing Facebook page at the following URL:

Players will need to stay tuned each week for updates on new week long in-game challenges that will pit players against racers across the globe for a chance to win brand new, full retail copies of Gran Turismo 5. An online connection will be required to compete, and players must also have a Facebook account and opted to 'Like' Superstars V8 Racing on Facebook.

Greg Lanz added, "For only $19.99, Superstars V8 Racing competitors get a brilliant racing experience with high performance cars, challenging tracks, and up to 12 player online multiplayer. Additionally, drivers have a chance to win one of the most-hyped racing titles of all time, Gran Turismo 5, with a retail value of $59.99."

Developed by veteran racing studio Milestone s.r.l., makers of premiere European racing franchise titles like the SBK: Superbike World Championship series and WRC: FIA World Rally Championship, Superstars V8 Racing is a feature-rich and disc-free retail racing experience that players can download straight from their homes, ushering in a new era of quality console titles that players won't find in stores! Delivering the intense competition of the track-based Superstars Championship to the United States, Superstars V8 Racing shifts gears between arcade and sim-style racing at the flick of a switch, offering players the best of both worlds in addition to a host of other features.

Be sure to check out the Superstars V8 Racing press site: Also be sure to become a follow and 'Like' Superstars V8 Racing on Facebook at where details on the Gran Turismo 5 giveaway will be available on Friday November 12, 2010.