Monday, May 12, 2008

Vista Not On Gaming Machines?

Microsoft always tries to sell it's Operating System software, be it Vista or XP as the next best thing for everyone.
So when Vista came out it was that and the DirectX 10 was the main carrot that was dangled in front of the Gamers.
So you would expect all or most of the gamers are using Vista for their gaming platforms with dual,triple and quad core CPUs with globs of memory attached to Video cards with GPUs that are computers themselves.. It is not so according to this article. These people, who are the front line users to use the latest and the greatest all the time are sticking with XP it seems. According to Valve who collect system information from it's steam users says, only 15% of users have Vista. So DirectX 10 did not cut the cake so I am looking forward to the next, carrot!
Read this Yahoo Tech article and the comments to learn more.