Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Theft Via Grand Theft Auto, A Spyware Scam

According to an article I read today on Register, some thieves inspired by the GTA IV theme are following the suite. They are sending junk mail offering to give a chance to win a Playstation with the latest GTA game, in a kind of lottery.

But poor souls who opened the email were in for a surprise as it is a carrier of spyware designed to steal personal information from compromised PCs.

"Gamers desperate to get their mitts on Grand Theft Auto IV are being targeted in an opportunistic spyware scam. Spam emails offer prospective marks free entry to a draw offering a PlayStation 3 loaded with the much-anticipated game as a prize.
In reality, these illicit emails are loaded with spyware designed to swipe personal financial information from compromised PCs.
Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 was released today to delirium from avid gamers. But some wouldbe buyers have been left disappointed as game stores have been unable to fulfill demand to the extent that even a minority of fans who pre-ordered the game have been left empty-handed.
Consumer-focused spam filtering firm ClearMyMail claims that more than half of the junk mail being blocked by its service on Tuesday is Grand Theft Auto IV-related. The vast majority of the junk mail messages offer the opportunity to win a PS3 complete with the game."

The Register.

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