Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII, Add to your Core.

Ever since I played Final Fantasy on my PS2 about 6 years ago, the game has introduced me to a lot of friends, fans and gaming community. But even before that game was a hit with its fans. I was present at the release of Final Fantasy VII in Japan in 1997.
Now the Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII serves as a prologue to Final Fantasy VII. You play the role of Zack, an elite SOLDIER with the Shinra Company. The story begins with Zack Fair and mentor Angeal Hewley investigating the disappearance of a fellow SOLDIER and his squad. The new battle system is known as Digital Mind Wave, or "DMW", and revolves around a series of reels at the upper left corner of the screen which spin continuously as long as there are Soldier Points, or "SP" left to consume. Each reel rotates independently and upon lining up three reels of the same character and value, a power-up or a "Power Surge!" will be rewarded to Zack.
So if you are a Final Fantasy fan or occasional magic game player, perhaps the Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII, is an addition to your Never Ending Final Fantasy Series. Available Now for PSP.
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