Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Counter-Strike Source Game Night Ends At iGames

The End of a Counter-Strike Era
The Counter-Strike Source Game Night is coming to an exciting close tonight, for the final time.

The semi-finals and championship matches will take place among CyGamZ, uKZ from ComputersEtc, and Gamestation. The top team will win $500 cash for their talents.

After these matches the Counter-Strike Source Game Night will be discontinued in favor of newer games with greater Game Night interest. The Counter-Strike ladder competition has been going for many good years, and now it will come to a great exciting close.

It’s not the end of Counter-Strike itself by any means. We’re sure the game will continue to spark screams of "BOOM HEADSHOT" and "the bomb has been planted" at game centers around the world, just no longer as part of an iGames ladder.

Counter-Strike will continued to be the highlight of tournaments in the Gamers Tour program.
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Adam said...

Go Team CyGamZ!!!